On solid ground- Home after umrah! (part 1)

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I am happy and relieved to be back home, tho a bit sad to be leaving Makkah after only less than a week there. It was hot as usual, in Makkah, with drilling sounds all over the town, dust everywhere.
I was really disgusted with the “undelivered” promises made by the leader, who claimed to have done umrah packages for the past 11 years!! It really sucks. Food was terrible, the hotel very far, the company shortchanged us for a day ( must remind them of my claims) and many many other tho seems minor to some but a great deal to me!
The number of pilgrims doing the umrah was astronomical. You have to be there to witness them, best time was after the subuh prayers when everyone goes out of the mosque and you see them coming out at one go, streaming out from all the 99 gates around, masha allah, astounding, that’s all that I can try to describe. Must make an effort to go again in the near future as I feel that this first trip is not to my satisfaction and I hope to get the calling again from the ALMIGHTY! In sha Allah


Small Haj (umrah)

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In sha ALLAH, GOD willing I will be performing my small haj (umrah) next week.

The new Saudi ambassador to Malaysia has laid down a new ruling with regards to ladies below 45.  A new restriction. Unmarried or married must be accompanied by their mahram and must be from the father’s side,  Some of these travel agents, dont want to lose their commission, go to great lengths to FORGE the marriage cert etc to submit for the visa approval.  OMG , you are going to a holy place and lie and cheat to get your clients documents be approved for the visit. And they want to take the embassy for a ride!! Lo an behold, they require that the ORIGINAL be submitted.  These tactics are causing the genuine jemaah to lose out because the visas are suspended due to a few greedy sheks.  Im lost for words at the things people ( so called alim) do , does the end justifies the means??
The travel agent also lose out because delays in approval of the visas causes flights postphoned, seats in the airplane chartered would be wasted, re-booking of flights etc etc.
Well I just hope and pray mine will go on smoothly as planned. in sha allah..