Small Haj (umrah)

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In sha ALLAH, GOD willing I will be performing my small haj (umrah) next week.

The new Saudi ambassador to Malaysia has laid down a new ruling with regards to ladies below 45.  A new restriction. Unmarried or married must be accompanied by their mahram and must be from the father’s side,  Some of these travel agents, dont want to lose their commission, go to great lengths to FORGE the marriage cert etc to submit for the visa approval.  OMG , you are going to a holy place and lie and cheat to get your clients documents be approved for the visit. And they want to take the embassy for a ride!! Lo an behold, they require that the ORIGINAL be submitted.  These tactics are causing the genuine jemaah to lose out because the visas are suspended due to a few greedy sheks.  Im lost for words at the things people ( so called alim) do , does the end justifies the means??
The travel agent also lose out because delays in approval of the visas causes flights postphoned, seats in the airplane chartered would be wasted, re-booking of flights etc etc.
Well I just hope and pray mine will go on smoothly as planned. in sha allah..


Scam-Part 2

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A continuation from the previous jottings.

As I was going through, shifting through my bespectacled eyes, some of the jobs offered in and ( these 2 sites are  offering jobs online-free to join) I noticed something familiar emerging from some of “client” (potential employer) asking we “contractor” to bid/apply.

Same modus operandi, lots and lots of work available, so easy to do, can do it with eyes closed, while lying down watching TV..gosh.. there were still so many gullible people to be cheated.  Its easy prey for them and its good money.  A fool is born everyday, and I was one of them, so trusting , so gullible.

Ouch, its so painful.

I’d better go lie down and rest, maybe day dream a bit before I nod off.



These are some of the ads found in asiapartime jobs

8000 RM Data Entry : typing hospital record sheets in ms excel by Tahir Ul Qadri

These people hail from Pakistan and their website is

The repercussions has started in France! The Burka Rage!

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With the recent burka ban by the French govt , we can only read and watch, some reported, many others not, of the consequences. And in the midst of it all, some will take advantage of it and KABOOM!!…..everything goes out of control, ponder…
Why was the lawyer so sarcastic, and the 24 year old is young and of course hot-tempered ( that’s human nature, isn’t it)

Make money from the internet?? betul kah

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Can someone truthfully enlighten me whether this is true, cos I am looking for some ways and means of making money online.

Is it as simple as its made to sound to our gullible ears.

Links such as this-

hmm should I jump in?

Teaching of Maths and Science in English poll

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here what i got from TDM blog:
Tun Mahathir’s poll for the teaching of maths and science in english or malay?
You’d think, would the government take heed of the poll collected by Tun. Don’t think so, afterall they have already decided to change in 2012.
Hmm, we’ll just have to wait and see whether the old man’s fangs is still sharp to bite through the thick skulls of the BN leaders. Must bite hard enough, but still not strong because the skull is made of stainless steel, specially imported by the cronies via the subs. hehehhee feeling naughty today

Government always in denial- nothing new!

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Been mentioned time and again, our ministers are always politicking, they just dont bother with their own ministerial duties, likewise the civil servants are also following the master’s footsteps. Weak enforcement.NOt enough is been done to curb all thats happening, the forgeries of travel papers, the inhumane treatment of maids/foreign workers blah blah blah. The list is endless.
They jump when news come out that Malaysia is in the limelight for the wrong reasons,
Then all will jump into the bandwagon, and fingers will start pointing, need I say more?
Just wait, the pot will boil, then will cool down, and everything will be forgotten, that’s Malaysia for you. aiyoo . Here there is no such thing as nipping the problem in the bud so that it will not happen again. Here, its cover cover cover, so that no smell will come out. Hey presto, problem solved!

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