The hissing of an awoken rattlesnake!!

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I have been away from my blog for so long. Being hard-pressed, forced to to look for extra income, hence didn’t have much time to update. Blogging is an effort, have to keep abreast of what’s happening and put my thoughts in writing too, lest i loose my regular (?) readers . Just pretending that I have regulars ie (wishful thinking, let me have my day, ok :))


If you watch tv, especially about animals, you would know how a rattlesnake sounds. Hissing, non-stop right?, from the tail-end.
That’s how i reckon Rafidah behaves. haahaahaa, I just love to watch her antics- maybe someone should show her over and over again whats shown on tv,her ugly behaviour and childish and uneducated (unbecoming of an MP) comments about her challenger. Face twisted, choked by her own saliva, trying to talk fast. Sheesh. Show her how UGLY she looks when she lashes out, all the words coming out like venom, degrading her further- the more she hisses, the lower she falls.
Why can’t she just let go, go gracefully. Well, when you have power, its not easy to let go. All Wanita umno leaders are like that. They think that they are invincible, expect people to kow-tow to them all the time.

Still don’t want to admit that she’s not popular, read here of what some umno ladies have to say :
Like a lot of people would say (?) fidah fidah, poodah.


IGP in IJN- malaysiakini

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Police chief undergoes heart bypass
Aug 19, 08 4:53pm
Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan underwent a successful heart bypass surgery at the National Heart Institute (IJN) today.


musa hassanIt is learnt that the police chief is recuperating in the intensive care unit (ICU) in an induced coma.

According to Star Online, Musa, 57, was advised to undergo the procedure following a routine medical check-up last week at the IJN.

The same report said that doctors have placed a strict no-visitors policy.

Musa has served as the nation’s top cop since September 2006. His services were extended for two-years on Sept 14 last year under controversial circumstances.

He began his career in 1969 as an inspector before earning a law degree.

Subsequently, he held several important posts including as Malacca prosecuting officer in 1973, Bukit Aman prosecution/criminal law deputy assistant director in 1995 and Johor police chief in 2003.

Musa is best remembered for his role as the head of the prosecution team in the first sodomy case involving former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim in 1999.

Following this, Musa rose quickly up the ranks and became head of the criminal investigation department in 2004 and deputy inspector-general a year later.

Dear MUsa,

I hope with the unclogging of your arteries, your conscience will come back to you, and you in return will repair whatever damages that had been done to the police force. Bring back the credibility of PDRM. Clear all the skeletons in the closets, purge all of them. And do it immediately!!

Wahhh, who am I to instruct him .¬† hmmm, think it’ll happen like I want it??, nah, if that happens then¬† the cow will jump over the moon!!

Muhyiddin Grow UP -UMNO vote-buying? Nothing new-malaysiakini

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Muhyiddin, another clown. Its an open secret,happening way way back. Are you not party to vote-buying as well? Jangan cakap tak serupa bikin. The pot calling the kettle black. What a hypocrite!

“I’ve received unofficial reports that it has become rampant at all levels and it is frightening if this becomes normal practice in future.”

ooooo, he’s frightened! Normal practice ALL THE TIME la brother!!

Its a well taught tradition, once you step-in as a member who is eligible to vote, then you are taught the finer points of corruption, disguised in the form of free trips, free makan, shopping money, free transportation allowance, hmmm…. what other guise did I miss out? Everything free, you name it.

This year the stakes are high, so they have tu up the ante. Even to nominate, in some branches, the price can go as high as a few thousand!!!!. So its party all the way for umno party members.

UMNO should have a voting system whereby ALL UMNO MEMBERS have the right to vote who they wish to lead, rather than limit to the few goons in division who are chosen to go for the glitzy affair in pwtc.

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