Cakes & Cupcakes galore- spreading the word

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Gateaux Licious Cupcakes

Some of the exquisite designs available

Christmas cupcakes


Dining at Subak@ttdi

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Work-up an appetite, walk the slight hill, in anticipation of what will be greeting u when u reach the reception gazebo. Never mind that u will sweat a bit, but hey c’mon, you’ll be dining in open air, you’d be able to take in oxygen ( i mean of course we HAVE to breathe right) albeit of a different kind, not in a confined and air-conditioned and stifled condition but the fresh air is compliments from the trees surrounding Subak.

And to think that this place is so near, no parking hassle, forced to enjoy the leisurely drive, its not everyday that you discover good dining place,nestled in between ttdi and sg pencala.

Give it a try, nothing to lose but everthing to gain, if not for the food, for the ambience.

I loved the place, so this is free advertisent la for Subak.


Makan apa ye, buka nanti?

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Kalu asyik makan nasi, jelak pulak. PEtang nasi, sahur nasi,Hmmph.

OO nasib baik la duk ngn mak, dah umur  gini pon masih duk bawah ketiak mak jugak. Apa nak buat, untung badan. Alhamdulillah, bila balik dari ofis tu, makan semua dah siap dah, tak perlu nak singsing lengan baju nak siang ikan, goreng ini, tumbuk itu, semua dah siap .

Today i chatted with two of my gf- you guessed it, of course its about food, what else. I am not a great cook but  I gave one of them a recipe on how to make baked macaroni, spaghetti sauce and shared tips of how to make fried spaghetti with seafood ( forgot whats the italiano name) of course using olive oil. That’s the secret why the pasta dish is special- the olive oil. Hmm makes my mouth waters.

Chatted with another one about orders for pineapple tart. Kinda slow this year, probably because now its expensive to make buy/make raya cookies, rise in cost of butter, sugar blah blah blah. What’s new? But I tell ya, if you go to this cake shop “Bake with Yen” at chow kit, wow the amount of stuff some ladies buy amount to thousands of ringgit. These queens of raya cookies really literally become queens come hari raya, sure poket berkepuk tu duit kuih.  Duit buat kuih ni banyak, maklumlah profit likely more that 100%. Tapi penat tak terkira. Ade member tu, bila time raya, bukak mata pon tak larat, mata and tangan bengkak2. Tu la the price to pay to make the extra thousandssssss of ringgit for raya season.
Tapi keje nye lepas raya, asyik tukar kereta baru jer. I envy them. But they deserve it, cos they worked so hard.