The repercussions has started in France! The Burka Rage!

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With the recent burka ban by the French govt , we can only read and watch, some reported, many others not, of the consequences. And in the midst of it all, some will take advantage of it and KABOOM!!…..everything goes out of control, ponder…
Why was the lawyer so sarcastic, and the 24 year old is young and of course hot-tempered ( that’s human nature, isn’t it)


Make money from the internet?? betul kah

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Can someone truthfully enlighten me whether this is true, cos I am looking for some ways and means of making money online.

Is it as simple as its made to sound to our gullible ears.

Links such as this-

hmm should I jump in?

Cakes & Cupcakes galore- spreading the word

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Gateaux Licious Cupcakes

Some of the exquisite designs available

Christmas cupcakes

Precious memories

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To  remember good times with my late brother, so precious!

To remember good times with my late brother, so precious!

The pain of losing someone you love- my late brother Ishak Hashim

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Last monday 3rd August 2009,I lost my brother, after a short illness. He was in a coma for more than 3 weeks. Gosh the anguish and pain everyone around him was feeling! No words could describe.
But his last journey on earth was a smooth one. Lots of his friends not only came to pay their last respects but made sure everthing went smoothly without any delay.
Being an retired policeman from Logistics, previous colleagues came by.
Not sure whether they are reading my blog, but I just want to put into writing my sincere appreciation and thanks to his relatives and friends, DBKL ( Zulkifli Ibrahim- thanks) the police esp so Tan Sri Ismail Omar(DIGP) Datuk Hussin ( both being in the same training squad) who took time off from their busy schedule to say goodbye,Jabatan Kebajikan Polis, ALLAH sahaja akan membalas budi baik tuan-puan sekelian,


The likes of my ex boss

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I never realised that I would be working for a seasoned liar, who lies through his teeth, has got no conscience.
OMG, he even forged his wifeys signature, forged the documents for projects…… the list is endless. Fantastic that this guy is not scared of repercussions at all.
I’ve worked for many bosses b4 and all had been other races, but this one is malay and haji and tak tinggal solat……
Anyway what goes around comes around!

Teaching of Maths and Science in English poll

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here what i got from TDM blog:
Tun Mahathir’s poll for the teaching of maths and science in english or malay?
You’d think, would the government take heed of the poll collected by Tun. Don’t think so, afterall they have already decided to change in 2012.
Hmm, we’ll just have to wait and see whether the old man’s fangs is still sharp to bite through the thick skulls of the BN leaders. Must bite hard enough, but still not strong because the skull is made of stainless steel, specially imported by the cronies via the subs. hehehhee feeling naughty today

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