Cars Cars Cars spells to TRAFFIC JAM !

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Too many cars on the road and all single drivers. Cutting queues is a cliche word to use now since everyone does it , no road etiquette at all. The Road Transport Ministry should do something about this problem, Do something drastic, make it effective. Initiallly everyone will hate it but will come to realise that it’s “cool to pool”.

You take the Duke and the sensors of the tolls is so slow that its faster to go tru the Cash Lanes rather than the Smart tag and TnG lanes, C’mon PLUS do something about it. ¬†You make millions , billions , cant you just put your act together.

Heavy vehicles on the road during peak hours!! do I have to say more????

Please add more of your grouses here….


Updates after a long hiatus..hic

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Been a while since I last visited let alone wrote on this blog. Since 2010, been 2 long years . As they say a lot of water have flowed under the bridge??
Whatever it is ,will take some time before the words will flow into this blog.. so rusty and have forgotten most of the technicalities of linking to other articles abound in the news.
But what I’ve never put aside is linking-up with friends new and old, this I cannot live without..
I am happy that I have managed to gain contacts with some that I have lost contact, more so with the recent reunion that friends have organised via the VI x students 1975. That was a fantastic night…too bad had to wrap it up early cos of the midnight curfew.
I must make it a habit again to write everyday, but not about politics anymore as its been quite and too much to read about.