Last monday 3rd August 2009,I lost my brother, after a short illness. He was in a coma for more than 3 weeks. Gosh the anguish and pain everyone around him was feeling! No words could describe.
But his last journey on earth was a smooth one. Lots of his friends not only came to pay their last respects but made sure everthing went smoothly without any delay.
Being an retired policeman from Logistics, previous colleagues came by.
Not sure whether they are reading my blog, but I just want to put into writing my sincere appreciation and thanks to his relatives and friends, DBKL ( Zulkifli Ibrahim- thanks) the police esp so Tan Sri Ismail Omar(DIGP) Datuk Hussin ( both being in the same training squad) who took time off from their busy schedule to say goodbye,Jabatan Kebajikan Polis, ALLAH sahaja akan membalas budi baik tuan-puan sekelian,