Say what? pikat rakyat saperti nak pikat bakal isteri?- malaysiakini

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Nak ketawa pun ada,tapi memang menyampah nak dengar borak orang politik yanG memang selalunya hipokrit! And these are the kind of leader who can go far, very far…
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Orang umeno sendiri pon tak terjaga, biarkan kuncu kuncu settle, so maharajalela la,cucuk sini, umpat sana, kem sini, kem sana, macam-macam ada. Ni nak pikat rakyat. HAHAHAHHAH. Ada masa ke, dah sibuk berpolitik jer, nak mengkayakan menolong kroni jer.
Orang cawangan sendiri pon tak terboleh jaga, bisik jer dalam telinga guarantee 100% percaya beb. Thats the weakness, believe what u hear from those around you, dont give a damn whether its true or not.
I’m so sick of all these talk of wanting to persuade people to join umeno, how to attract them, know their needs, please them,persuade them, blah blah blah bhal, JUST RHETORIC. Bak orang kata, buat sedap mulut je!!


Shopping Galore at PWTC

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Its the time of the season again, better than christmas, the stall owners in PWTC will be raking in HUGE PROFITS, and I mean HUGE. There will also be free lunches, dinners, teas-every makan time, be it at the lobby, coffee houses or hotels.
The ladies, their purses will be loaded with ringgits, the men , their wallets and pockets will be be lined with purple , blue or red ringgit.
After all this is election time and UMNO hadn’t had one in so long.
Jealousy talking- nah, sources of funds is highly questionable.

Dining at Subak@ttdi

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Work-up an appetite, walk the slight hill, in anticipation of what will be greeting u when u reach the reception gazebo. Never mind that u will sweat a bit, but hey c’mon, you’ll be dining in open air, you’d be able to take in oxygen ( i mean of course we HAVE to breathe right) albeit of a different kind, not in a confined and air-conditioned and stifled condition but the fresh air is compliments from the trees surrounding Subak.

And to think that this place is so near, no parking hassle, forced to enjoy the leisurely drive, its not everyday that you discover good dining place,nestled in between ttdi and sg pencala.

Give it a try, nothing to lose but everthing to gain, if not for the food, for the ambience.

I loved the place, so this is free advertisent la for Subak.