I have been away from my blog for so long. Being hard-pressed, forced to to look for extra income, hence didn’t have much time to update. Blogging is an effort, have to keep abreast of what’s happening and put my thoughts in writing too, lest i loose my regular (?) readers . Just pretending that I have regulars ie (wishful thinking, let me have my day, ok :))


If you watch tv, especially about animals, you would know how a rattlesnake sounds. Hissing, non-stop right?, from the tail-end.
That’s how i reckon Rafidah behaves. haahaahaa, I just love to watch her antics- maybe someone should show her over and over again whats shown on tv,her ugly behaviour and childish and uneducated (unbecoming of an MP) comments about her challenger. Face twisted, choked by her own saliva, trying to talk fast. Sheesh. Show her how UGLY she looks when she lashes out, all the words coming out like venom, degrading her further- the more she hisses, the lower she falls.
Why can’t she just let go, go gracefully. Well, when you have power, its not easy to let go. All Wanita umno leaders are like that. They think that they are invincible, expect people to kow-tow to them all the time.

Still don’t want to admit that she’s not popular, read here of what some umno ladies have to say : http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/93694
Like a lot of people would say (?) fidah fidah, poodah.