I did some adjustments here and there, me being the trial-n-error mom, and guess what? I messed up by wordpress BIG TIME.
Tried everthing but still the page could not be adjusted to original, with all the sidebar widgets and others going hay-wire. Guess this blog also haywire like our local politics. Hahahah , what a twist. At least my mess could be settled in a jiffy.
Najib with his orang gila antics, foam-mouthing (yukkks) desperation in calling for people to respect the greedy, selfish corrupted so-called leaders. Tak sedar diri leaders, who forgot who put them there in the first place.
God forbid, when (IF) Najib becomes the next PM……………………..
And to think who in the right mind would nominate Mike Tyson to be the DPM. The country is going to the dogs alright. And we always say, it can happen in Bolehland.
GOD save us all!