I am so depressed with events happening these last few days. To call the leaders stupid

would be a compliment to them. I would say that a lot of us are just simply stumped

that the ISA had been used on the three rakyat on such a flimsy reason.
And it happened during ramadan! Is this what islam hadhari is all about? I just wonder

whether our leaders have brains left after march 8? Dont you just puke the hear the excuses

given by baldy? Yes we get the latest news from Malaysiakini, but no matter how

sickening it is to watch the tv but I do it sometimes to see the jokers in action, playing

the blame and flip-flopping game.
True as most bloggers said, the rakyat have to remain calm, despite all the dirty and

underhanded actions taken against our fellow men. Whatever we do, we have to do it

the intelligent way, quiet but effective. We have support from all over the world. That

power can never will threatened, THE VOICE OF THE RAKYAT!