Muhyiddin, another clown. Its an open secret,happening way way back. Are you not party to vote-buying as well? Jangan cakap tak serupa bikin. The pot calling the kettle black. What a hypocrite!

“I’ve received unofficial reports that it has become rampant at all levels and it is frightening if this becomes normal practice in future.”

ooooo, he’s frightened! Normal practice ALL THE TIME la brother!!

Its a well taught tradition, once you step-in as a member who is eligible to vote, then you are taught the finer points of corruption, disguised in the form of free trips, free makan, shopping money, free transportation allowance, hmmm…. what other guise did I miss out? Everything free, you name it.

This year the stakes are high, so they have tu up the ante. Even to nominate, in some branches, the price can go as high as a few thousand!!!!. So its party all the way for umno party members.

UMNO should have a voting system whereby ALL UMNO MEMBERS have the right to vote who they wish to lead, rather than limit to the few goons in division who are chosen to go for the glitzy affair in pwtc.

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