Updated 5 August 2008

After seeing the news last night (eventho’ I hated watching it) just watching dem brainless women, makes me so sick, I mean, really embarass womenkind, an insult to my gender, that they are willing to accept what rafidah had to say 100%? So if she left next year, who’s gonna be no. 2? Auto promotion.

Gosh DEMOCRACY IS REALLY DEAD IN UMNO. All not only dead, their brain cells are auto-piloted by their leaders as well. Good for them- these MORONS.

Rafidah- no need to say you want to go next year, just go now, quietly, and everyone will be happy.

This woman!!! I tell you UMNO women. If rafidah has the intention of leaving, then DON’T contest for the post. Period. Kahkahkah then she’s got the gumption to say:

“But if there is a contest, I will definitely defend my post,” said Rafidah, who is in her 20th year as Wanita Umno chief.

Aiyoo, you tell me la, these jokers, without fail, will always amuse us. Hellooo rafidah, you are already in retirement, okay.
Kak Dah, dah sudah tu sudah la, enough is enough. People are fed up with you. VAMOOSE!

malaysiakini report here