Berita gempaq-permatang pauh election ! Win cancelled!


WHAT!!!!! Early in the morning I was woken up by this message:

Latest News:

The High Court has ruled that Anwar win at PErmatang Pauh as null and void. After doctor’s examination yesterday, it was found that Saiful is pregnant (3 months) in the anal intestines?? ( is there such a place??) !

Don’t say I created it ok! I got it from someone laa. These jokers, where did they get these ideas to create these rib-tickling alerts?


oops sorry I did mean to cause any concern. Plzzz dun sue me!!



MALAYSIA-TODAY blocked by TMnet

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WET BLANKETS, as usual and quite expected ( we can read their minds oredy la) sure they want to block our rejoice, so to log in here:

THE bloggers at PP-our source of inspiration!

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LILLIAN,MARINA,QUEENIE, ME,HARIS,RPK,GUS,VIVEG,VESU,AMARGEET and the others not in the picture: – ShogunShah, Badardin and Din Merican

THEM, who knows not the word -tired. THEM who are relentless in giving us us-to-date news. To THEM- I say THANK YOU,TERIMA KASIH! YOU GUYS ROCK.

HOpE ANWAR will not let us down!


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Latest updates here:


Votes in favour of Anwar – 22,373

Votes for Arif – 9,549.

Is that correct to call them that? Our friends in P Pauh? Will they be offended?
Anyway,bloggers far and wide would be glued to you-know-what, all night long.
Thanks to our cyber correspondents at Permatang Pauh, we get up-to-date news, the coverage even the MSM could imagine in their dreams only. We could truly feel what they feel, upset when they are threatened. angry when they are pushed around. That’s how the effect they have on us,we who surf, just like eager puppies, waiting for any tiny morsels of juicy bits of news!
Yeah, sure we can predict who the winner will be, but can’t help feeling the tensions!

Proud of Malaysian flag!

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BN hati busuk,hitam!!-Malaysiakini report


‘Cash and sex’: 2 Perak Pakatan Rakyat excos arrested

What’s new? BN govt. being very vindictive! That’s why their action were swift, b4 you can say go, the aca’s hancuffs are out.

Commenting on the matter, Perak DAP chairperson and senior state exco member Ngeh Koo Ham claimed that the arrest of the two Pakatan leaders was a case of ‘victimisation’ by BN to undermine the state government.
ngeh koo ham”This is only an attempt to undermine Pakatan in Perak, and an attempt to send them to prison,” he said when met at the Parliament lobby today.
He also said the two arrested exco members would not be suspended pending the ACA investigation.
“We have this great suspicion that they are being victimised. How could they be suspended?” he asserted.
He also questioned the ‘swift action’ taken by the ACA regarding cases involving opposition politicians.
“The most disappointing thing about this is why is the ACA so swift in taking action against us while we have lodged so many reports about BN politicians on their (alleged) corrupt practices?” he asked.

This won’t be the last, afterall still got 5 more days to go b4 the by elections in PP! Next as rocky’s bru posted, petrol price to go down! Singapore had reduced 5 times already, and here, they’re still contemplating. huh!!

Read here to make your blood boil! You guys who have high BP, don’t forget to take you blood pressure tablets! It can be so sickening, all the underhanded tricks!

To ALL UiTM students out there


I know you are young- darah muda, hot headed, highly emotional, but read with an open mind and digest! DONT just follow the crowd! This is 2008, people are moving so fast that if you dont MARA kedepan you’ll be unable to catch up.

I wish there were more students like this guy out there, who stood up to be counted. Be rational don’t be emotional. Think out of the box. Wish this guy could send this letter to malaysiakini, to be read far and wide!

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