Everyone starts blaming pas for the uproar caused by UMNO. I think in a way umno has succeeded in sowing the seeds of mistrust among not only the supporters of the coalition, but also among the top brass. Psycho warfare. Have the party leaders of each party in Pakatan, commited themselves to having a meeting amongst themselves, thrash out anything and everthing, rather than blurt out their emotions in public, and some more to the not-to-be-believed main stream media! C’mon la, karpal, lim,anwar,hadi,nik aziz,etc etc, i thought you all claim to have more intelligence and credibility than umno, whom you all had and is still condemning. Is it beneath you to have talks amongst yourselves, each thinking they are better than the other?? Be la like matured politicians, after all you guys have been in the biz way way a long time, as long as there were politics in malaysia. Dont make us malu la.

shoudl pas be allowed to remain in pakatan report at malaysiakini