As expected- the motion of no confidence filed by Wan Azizah the head of opposition in parliament,definitely will not see the light of day.
I am a bit blur,

According to the House speaker, the debate on the oil price hike filed by Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Abdul Samad on June 23 was a no-confidence motion

????????? the oil debate wuz? gee, the twist and turns.
All Pakatan MPs subsequently staged a walk-out, accompanied by calls of ‘balik kampung’ from their BN colleagues.

Do the BN MPs need the show their animal behaviour? aduh, dunno what to say of the animals mps la, the zookeeper not keeping a tight rein on the animals.speaker not able to control the esteemed members of parliament!

i quote tian chua’s latest posting here:

The Speaker of the House rejects Pakatan Rakyat-sponsored “no-confidence motion”.

It was based on the ground of technically. The decision of the Speaker was delivered to the Opposition Leader this morning.

We are already very upset with war-like situation in the Parliament. Now we are denied even the right to debate a national crisis.