When will he ever stop. I lost faith in him already,. I hate it when anwar becomes a cry baby (AGAIN), and ask an outsider to fight his battle. C’mon man, why must you let other countries interfere here. FIGHT YOUR OWN BATTLES. BE A MAN! The other day, was the US, now Australia.



Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim today urged Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to push the cause of democracy and rule of law during a visit to Malaysia tomorrow.

kevin rudd and anwar ibrahim”I trust Rudd will convey to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to respect the rule of law and stop intimidating opposition politicians,” he told AFP.

If Mr. Rudd has got a ounce of dignity, he will just not mention anything about how the country is run. How would he feel when Abdullah goes to Australia and ask them to stop being a bully to the aborigines?
But then again to be fair on Mr. Rudd, he did apologise to the natives of Australia earlier ( shows he’s got some decency afterall: more here about the apology