numero uno?
1. One that is first in rank, order, or importance.
2. One’s own interests; oneself.

Number one.
Spanish n�mero uno, or Italian numero uno, number one
( sorry I dont mean to give you a spanish lesson, but just to lighten things up) Situations is so dreary!

That goes without saying for most bloggers who have shunned the msm. Keep up the good work!
Bravo to ALL in Malaysiakini, and thank you.

And fellow blogger, Audie, from sarawak has this to add ” Meanwhile, we were made to understand too that Malaysiakini received its first batch of 10 official press accreditation badges yesterday. It just goes to show that this is not only the first time that the internet media have been issued the official press tags by the information Ministry but it goes well for the country that there are indeed “reforms”