Pakatan Leaders- Please wake up

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Everyone starts blaming pas for the uproar caused by UMNO. I think in a way umno has succeeded in sowing the seeds of mistrust among not only the supporters of the coalition, but also among the top brass. Psycho warfare. Have the party leaders of each party in Pakatan, commited themselves to having a meeting amongst themselves, thrash out anything and everthing, rather than blurt out their emotions in public, and some more to the not-to-be-believed main stream media! C’mon la, karpal, lim,anwar,hadi,nik aziz,etc etc, i thought you all claim to have more intelligence and credibility than umno, whom you all had and is still condemning. Is it beneath you to have talks amongst yourselves, each thinking they are better than the other?? Be la like matured politicians, after all you guys have been in the biz way way a long time, as long as there were politics in malaysia. Dont make us malu la.

shoudl pas be allowed to remain in pakatan report at malaysiakini


Qantas vs MAS-Malaysiakini


This anonymous dude of the qantas pilot simply blabbered and pointed to Malaysia. Whooaa hold on there mate, how can he immediately say that that plane was maintained by MAS. What? he got psychic powers or what?? The mis-hap happened yesterday morning, and before investigation have started on the 17-year OLD plane, fingers have started pointing.
And further more

Qantas has yet to officially reveal the cause of the incident, but The Daily Telegraph had deemed the jumbo jet a “rust bucket” because engineers had found high levels of corrosion on the plane.

Hmmn, maybe someone is on a smear campaign here, BIG SMEAR on MAS??.

read about the near mid-air mess

Norza! pak pacak in mt??

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Bolih percaya ke cakap Norza ni, orang kuat KJ? pemuda Wangsa Maju tau la perihal norza ni, cuma orang luar kawasan jer yg tak tau kot.Itu pon kena dok pulau dek pemuda wangsa maju. What they say, short man, inferiority complex? BUt very very rich short man laa. Hmm i wish i was short too, dont mind being rich though! or should it be the other way round. rich? short? short? rich? politics always give me a headache la. heheheh
Well , this is my view ok, u agree or not, dont give a damn!

temubual norza dengan agenda daily

U think i’m giving him cheapo publicity huh, dunno la, fishing for feedbacks maybe :))

This ANIMAL should be castrated with a razor blade-thestar


And he calls himself a human being! God, it still happens, why??? Make himit suffer, let him it ( its not worth to call it ‘him’ feel the pain, endless pain… It totally wrecked her life. sigh.

the star report about the rape

Malaysiakini exclusive-UMNO offer Pas to jointly rule Selangor!


Excuse me, after losing the selangor seat, what is there UMNO to offer? KHir toyo has lost the bargaining power and yet still dont want to admit defeat. With this admission, Khir makes himself a laughing stock. HAHAHAHAH deputy MB lagi. Masih mampu nak berangan lagi.
Why do they use Islam and Malays in vain, when in actual fact its the POWER that they are after, the millions and million of ringgit in lost opportunity. This KHir also should go fly kite far far away, probably while flying his botoxed face will rupture . Memalukan kaum jer,such disgusting behaviour, unbecoming of a jawa.

Dont know whether to laugh or cry, everyday they make stories and use racism to win hearts-
secret meeting??>


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As I was browsing through their commentaries, this especially I think is so true:-

Raja Petra Kamaruddin, the influential internet journalist, is expected to go on trial for criminal defamation for saying that Najib’s wife was present at the murder. Rather than bringing in Najib and Rosmah to answer questions, they have gone after Raja Petra, who has threatened his own time bombs during his trial. Asked by Asia Sentinel what those revelations might be, he said he would prefer to save them for testimony under oath.

more at:Asia sentinel

wtf- Angkasawan to be conferred Datukship


What utter rubbish. What did he do ?? Someone plucked from nowhere, gives him a bit of training, spend a few million and hey presto, some malaysians calls him an astronaut. BUt he’s just a space traveller! (Correction- not a few million, 90 million to be exact-tq mat!)

Datuk- everyone is always repeating, u throw a stone in a crowd, DEFINITELY will hit a datuk’s head. LOL . Malaysia churns thousands every year? hmm,

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