That was a fast response from him. Usually he will delay before denying anything. Change of tactics, new advisors??

At least najib had been briefed properly, why saiful appeared in a photo with his officer, when photo was taken, why and what nots?? hmmm, very detailed answers. so listen up ppl, anyone who wants a scholarship, go to DPM office,ok?

Now he’s gone into hiding, like the malay saying. if you scared of the waves, dont build houses new the sea. ( something like that lar)

I just hope saiful is not a barua for anyone, for him to be so young and easily bought, seeking limelight for lousy reasons. Hmmph wat is malaysia coming to. EVERYDAY there’s something new to be argued about, the rakyat continue to suffer. Day-in-day-out, one lie leading to another. SO SICK OF THE leaders AND the leader-in-wating!!

and also this:
Opposition MPs walk out on Najib