Sapp MPs to move no-confidence motion
Jun 18, 08 10:44am
Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp) today announced that it would move a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when Parliament resumes on Monday.


This appeared to be the opening move by the BN component member which may see the Sabah-based political party eventually leaving the coalition.

The announcement was made at the party headquarters in Kota Kinabalu at 2pm.

Guess everyone will on on the tenterhooks, especially the BN people, waiting anxiouly, rumour or truth. By end of the day we should be able to know. ( 2 pm, to be exact, standby ) 🙂

“Malaysiakini learnt yesterday that Sapp was calling for a press conference today to make a key announcement that will “lead to a drastic change of the political scenario in Malaysia”.”

Hmm, is your heart pounding already, if its true, then what? Brains working overtime? But seriouly, do you think it will affect our lives? Maybe not in the immediate future. If the change were to ever take place, the new governmet will take time to readjust etc etc. Whoa, some BIG AJDUSTMENTS alright! Imagine 50 years, first under perikatan and then major part barisan. But for us poor citizens, it does not add anything to our pockets, life still goes on, we trudge wearily day-in, day-out struggling to make ends meet.

End of the road for the BN,MCA,MIC cronies, proxies watever ucallit. New cronies will be created. C’mon let’s face facts, power corrupts, so time for the new power to reap what they can, while they still can ( for what ever thats left anyway).

Anarchy? GOD forbid. Chaos, maybe. ( Who is supposed to provide security? The police?? They will be the most confused ones, whose instructions to follow then. Aiyoo!!)

This will go on like forever, slanging , bad-mouthing, blaming others, meanwhile the whole world will be watching us. See how MALAYSIA copes.

Do I sound negative? hmm What about U??