Bandar Mahkota Cheras- one up for the residents!

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Cheers as residents pull down controversial barricade PDF Print E-mail
Posted by St Low
Thursday, 29 May 2008
KUALA LUMPUR: Residents of Bandar Mahkota Cheras have torn down a barricade rebuilt by Grand Saga Sdn Bhd that prevented access into the housing area of some 38,000 residents.

Using mallets, car jacks and steel bars, the residents broke down the foundations of the barricade made of large boulders and forced the stones to the ground.

The boulders were then chained to lorries and dragged away to the side of the underpass of the Cheras-Kajang Highway, which leads into the neighbourhood.

By 7.15pm, the first vehicle had managed to inch its way through the two-lane access road, amidst the cheers and loud blaring of vehicle horns from onlookers and residents alike.

Police and Light Strike Force personnel monitored the crowds, which swelled to a few hundred.

More roars of support ensued later when Selangor CPO Deputy Comm Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar, who visited the spot, told the residents that he had advised Grand Saga to stop any construction of barricades in the area.

He said the public would be inconvenienced each time Grand Saga built the barricade. DCP Khalid also urged the Malaysian Highway Authority and the Public Works Department to settle the matter and come up with an amicable solution.

He also urged the elected representative not to incite the residents.

Kajang OCPD Asst Comm Shakaruddin Che Mood, who was also present, was hoisted up by several residents who lauded his support for their cause.

He also persuaded residents to remove several toppled boulders that were blocking cars going into the Bandar Tun Hussein Onn access road.

Several residents then pooled together RM900 to get the job done, saying that a third of the sum would be for the lorry’s petrol while the rest would be used to buy food.

Earlier, two photographers from Sin Chew Daily and China Press were attacked by two unidentified men, who had threatened to beat them if they did not stop taking pictures.

By 10pm, all boulders had been cleared.

– The Star

my heart swelled with pride, to see that with determination, we can overcome the underhanded tactics of the BULLIES. Looks like the police have concience after all. cheers to them, for their understanding and compassion to the plight of the residents of bandar mahkota cheras.


Ezam-cheap publicity

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Wah I never knew that to be an umno member, we can call the press and tell the whole world. Umno nowadays can be easily taken for a ride. Jijik dan mual, dan muak, asyik baca psal ezam ni. Penuh dengan kontrovesi. Memang sengaja je digembar gemborkan. Licik dia ni. Muka nampak manis kan? Tapi orang yg nampak macam pijak semut tak mati ni, tau tau la ………………..Dah orang politik, politik jugak, memang tak boleh berubah, mesti heboh berminggu-minggu.

Apa muslihat ?? Sape spin doctor? Terpaksa la tunggu dan lihat perkembanganye.

comments on blog

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I just don’t understand people. I comment on Rocky’s blog and then got commented.. Lantak pi la  apa aku nak comment, ni kan demokrasi. Nak cakap hypocrite ke, ape ke, it’s my right and nothing personal, unless the person who reads it teresa pedas la.

C’mon, ppl  have to accept the fact that ALL POLICITICIAN ESP UMNO goons are hypocrites of the highest order. Take it from someone who’s experienced it first-hand. Even the pm also is one of them, satu hari cakap ni, hari esok nye buat lain, total opposite. Just stumps me. No concience at all.

Facebook-cheapening frenz concept???

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Dear Social Networks: I’ll Decide Who My Friends Are

from the cheapening-the-‘friend’-label dept

There’s already been a court ruling noting that being a Facebook friend is not like being a “real” friend, but the vast “cheapening” of the concept of friendship is ticking some people off. In noting how the various social networks keep encouraging you to add more friends (even if they’re not real friends), it raises questions about whether or not these social networks are hurting their own reason for being. As businesses, they have every reason to encourage you to keep adding friends. However, if you so cheapen your relationships by adding anyone and everyone as a friend, doesn’t it make the services a lot less useful for really keeping up with your friends? Perhaps social networks that are really about managing your relationship with real friends would be better off focusing on the quality of communication between friends, rather than the quantity of friends you have.

Yes, i kinda agree with the above , since i was a member of Tagged. There’s this guy who had 1000 friends!!!! “collecting” is a hobby for him , i guess. Doubt if he ever “talks” to any of them,

p/s: i extracted this from

say NO to national service

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BN politicians

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I am SO SICK with the bn gomen, so sick, so sick, wish i just have a magic wand and make ALL OF THEM DISAPPEAR, together with the stupid leader. The stupido just dont get it, he’s not wanted anymore. They open their mouths during pc, and shit comes out of them, wat to do since their brains in in the a.s! huh.

Beginning of the END!

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